Here’s an opportunity to come to DSL for a workshop with KIRK BALTZ (US Actor known for Reservoir Dogs amongst other films) on the weekend of 2nd & 3rd of November.

Dates: 02/11 and 03/11
Location: Drama Studio London (Studio 1)
Time: 11am till 7pm

Our upcoming DSL workshop is limited to 16 participants. We will be creating a strong monologue for each of you individually and then shoot a 60 second high quality video with quality sound for you to have 7-10 day after the workshop.

As soon as you register  book your 30 min FREE online session with me to begin the work on your piece. I will coach and guide you through the very simple process of creating your own monologue. 

Standard Price: £225
DSL Alumni and current students: £180

1.  Write a letter to someone you have an unresolved issue with. Write the one you don’t want to write. The one that’s screaming at you and you’d just rather not. That’s the one. Trust your courage and take the free fall. Don’t pull any punches…let ’em have it. Think of it more as a rant than a letter. Vomit all you want to say right on to the paper. Like a pressure cooker that needs to release. Best to write it out by hand rather than typing. State the specific issue towards the top of your writing and say what it was you needed from them but didn’t get. About a page and half aught to suffice but if you’re on a roll by all means keep it going. But no matter what, don’t stop writing. Let the pen and your guts do it, not your brain. Let it flow. You’ll know in your bones when you’re done.

2.  Then put yourself in the person shoes you just wrote to and become them having just read what you wrote. Now let THEM respond. Same thing. Let them read you the riot act if that’s what’s goin on inside. Let them judge you, call you out on all your bullshit, flaws, defects of character, insecurities…you name it. Let them speak fully uncensored. What did they need from YOU that they didn’t get? Don’t get caught up in not being them or being unable to grab the essence of how they speak. Trust they’re already a part of who you are…if they weren’t they wouldn’t have popped up at the start.

The transformational part of this work is that we begin to recognize this individual as an aspect of who we are. They truly ARE within us. We end up moving an unresolved conflict toward empathy, understanding and maybe even compassion. We in turn become more balanced and expansive.

Every single Actor (and Writer…including myself) I have done this exercise with has been hit harder by the letter written back then the first one sent. The work then becomes the potential seed for a powerful self written monologue, scene, play or screenplay. Give it a shot and share your experience.

Promises to be a great 2 days at DSL where those returning will build on technique already in place and take the work to the next level. Those new to joining us will engage in the process and most likely discover a new and exciting way to stop acting and be real.
Listen Fully…Let Go Completely…Respond Truthfully
This work helps strengthen the process of building a character and audition technique immeasurably.
Dress comfortably, bring lunch, water, notebook and a pen and your big bad beautiful self…along with an open mind. It’s gonna be a blast!
Here’s to a great weekend workshop at Drama Studio London doing what we all love: creating Art and building technique that provokes, ask questions and tells the truth while entertaining.
All will end up with a great piece of work showing what your empowered Actor is truly capable of.
With Care and Respect,

Kirk Baltz continues acting in film, theatre and television and has worked with such noted film directors as Chantal Akerman, Warren Beatty, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Kevin Costner, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford and Deniz Gamez Erguven to name a few.

Having trained extensively as an actor in New York City and Los Angeles, Kirk studied Meisner technique with Greg Zittle of The Neighborhood Play House, and Strasberg based work with Sandra Seacat, Tony Greco and Susan Batson…renowned acting teachers and noted members of the Actor’s Studio.
While teaching on going acting classes in Los Angeles and acting workshops in other major cities across the U.S. and abroad, Kirk also offers private coaching in LA as well as online sessions via Skype Internationally. Kirk also does on set coaching for TV and film. Participants gain a better understanding of the differences between acting on stage, on camera and in a casting office.

His Actor’s Intensive workshops have helped a great many actors, writers and directors to build strong acting technique, and tell compelling stories with clarity and conviction. His acting classes empower artists to fully be who they are while realizing their absolute potential.
All work is Meisner and Method based…using repetition, movement, sensory work, improvisation, writing, script analysis and varying exercises.