• Attending Kirk Baltz´s acting class was an unforgettable experience for me. As a writer-director I was pushed out of my comfort-zone, as Kirk treated the directors in exactly the same way as the actors. It resulted in an open and safe environment for everyone, and in the end it felt like we were all a small family. I learned some great techniques that will definitely help me in my work as an instructor, but also in creating interesting characters with strong needs. If Kirk comes back to Norway, I will be the first to sign up for his class.

    Nina Knag
    Nina KnagWriter/Director
  • Kirk is an actor of great intensity, imagination, dedication and craft. I have worked with him at least a half dozen times and he has never failed to surprise and delight me. He is also a great listener–both in character and out–which makes him not only a solid actor, but an excellent teacher.

    Aaron Lipstadt
    Aaron LipstadtActor
  • Kirk is great at helping me trust my instincts, finding new ways to get better grounded while pushing me to experiment in a scene.

    Julia Goldani Telles
    Julia Goldani TellesActress
  • With Kirk it isn’t all talk and theory…we are encouraged to do it…to think less and do more.
    That’s what I wanted. Something concrete, something that I can take home and work on. I can use in my trailer on set between takes and between scenes. Kirk Baltz has opened up new avenues for me and I am so very thankful!

    Michael X. Sommers
    Michael X. SommersActor (Bug on Sense8 (NETFLIX))
  • Kirk’s way of working is not only easy to comprehend, but extremely effective.

    Danny Nucci
    Danny NucciActor/Director
  • A lot of coaches showed me the tools, Kirk Baltz taught me how to use them.

    Scoot McNairy
    Scoot McNairyActor
  • Kirk immediately creates a safe and comfortable environment filled with trust and different techniques, helping to create free and truthful acting. I highly recommend working with him.

    Amanda Collin
    Amanda CollinActress
  • The Trinidad+Tobago film festival has worked with Kirk over the past two years, where he facilitated two 2-day acting workshops geared towards actors and directors. Kirk’s workshops were our most popular to date and the participants came out of the workshops feeling challenged and excited by the process.
    Kirk’s approach is serious and personal. He is very comfortable in his role and facilitates a large group with ease. He has a command of the practice and knows how to assist both aspiring and working actors in their quest to reach their full potential. I highly recommend Kirk as an acting coach and workshop facilitator, he is affable and makes people feel comfortable while also demanding they be fully present and engaged actively in the task at hand.

    Emilie Upczak
    Emilie UpczakCreative Director
  • Kirk Baltz is the guy to go to, when you’re really committed to learn about Meisner, Method and acting as a whole. Kirk is one of the few acting teachers you can fully trust. He has an amazing amount of love, patience and empathy for his students. He gave me a deeper understanding of myself as an actor and my craft. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him.

    Michael Kuehl
    Michael KuehlActor
  • Kirk Baltz is, simply put, an acting teacher that will bring the best out of you. Whether you are a first timer looking to break into the business or an established actor looking to improve your craft there is nobody better than Kirk and his Actor’s Intensive workshops and private coaching. His in-depth knowledge of the craft as well as putting his own experience into his teachings leaves a learning experience second to none. It bears repeating, there is nobody better to study the craft of acting with than Kirk Baltz.

    Tony Kelly
    Tony KellyActor
  • Kirk Baltz is a director’s dream. He totally inhabits his character – capable of improvising brilliantly, immeasurably enhancing the director’s and writer’s vision of a role. His workshops are not to be missed.

    Taylor Hackford
    Taylor HackfordDirector/Producer (The Devil’s Advocate, Ray, Parker…)
  • I was very lucky to work with Kirk Baltz on my short film, SLICE. He coached my lead actor and myself and it was beyond helpful! Working with him is inspiring. Kirk’s respect for actors, directors and writers really shows as his passion for the craft shines a bright light on all those who get to be around him.

    Christina Beck
    Christina BeckActress / Director
  • Kirk Baltz is an amazing acting teacher. Those are two different things – Acting and Teaching. It’s clear from his body of work that he knows acting. But it’s quite another thing to be able to not only educate but also to inspire students to learn the craft. He is patient, understanding, and has a great sense of humor. (And now I feel like I’m writing a personal ad on his behalf.) I met Kirk in Cincinnati during an Actors Intensive Workshop. We stayed in-touch and then he came to the DVD taping of my standup, at which point he suggested I begin taking classes to take my comedy to the next level and also to try my hand at acting. It ended up being one of the best career decisions I made. Inhabiting his techniques allowed me to express myself more fully – onstage and on-set.

    Rajiv Satyal
    Rajiv SatyalActor
  • As Head of a Drama Department, I have brought Kirk to the UK for the last seven years to work with my students. We’ve adopted a three / four day model in which Kirk has time to introduce and explore some of the techniques central to his approach to Acting. Feedback from my students is always exemplary. All find the work challenging, both physically and mentally, but Kirk’s enthusiasm and passion for his subject means they all engage and want to give their best. Kirk pushes where necessary and pulls back back when required – he is extremely sensitive to the needs of each student in his class and has proven time and time again his ability to accurately assess each student within a relatively short time and he adjusts his teaching accordingly. I have no doubt that every student who has worked with Kirk has benefited from their time with him and only wish they could have longer. In fact, many return the following year to start taking the work further. I have had students accepted into drama school who are positive Kirk’s advice contributed to their successful audition work and others who have used his work for examination pieces to help deepen and enrich their performance. Of all trek opportunities I offer students in my care, my relationship with Kirk is one of the most valuable and I would encourage any teacher to develop this relationship to bring a dynamic new element to their subject delivery.

    Nicholas Saunders
    Nicholas SaundersHead of Drama - Bradfied College, U.K.
  • Kirk Baltz is a phenomenal teacher. It all started with one of his two-day workshops for me. Kirk has been an amazing resource, teacher, and counselor. With his teaching I was able to start knocking down barriers that allowed my true self to shine through and I learned how to truly listen and be present with other characters. I booked a SAG film right after working with him. And now, I’ve just accepted an offer to train in the MFA actors program at USC because of him. Two powerful words that he told me, “You’re enough”, have empowered me with the truth that I am my greatest resource as an actor. Thanks Kirk!

    Sherrick O'Quinn
    Sherrick O'QuinnActor
  • I have known KIrk since the beginning of my career as a casting director and hired him many times. He is an exceptional actor. It is no surprise that he is such an inspiring teacher and coach. He walks the walk. He is a WORKING actor who is using the tools of his craft daily. His devotion and passion to his craft are real. His real world experiences are invaluable. He is the real deal as an actor, coach and a man of integrity.

    Debi Manwiller
    Debi ManwillerCasting Director
  • Kirk Baltz ist feinsinnig, empathisch und klug. In seinen Workshops überzeugt er mit Menschlichkeit und Präzision. Es ist unglaublich, mit wieviel Gespür Kirk es schafft, seinen Teilnehmern die Tipps zu geben, die sie brauchen, um aus sich das Beste zu holen. Seine Kurse sind intensiv, machen Spaß und bringen Schauspieler zusammen. Ich kann Kirks Workshops nur weiterempfehlen und werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen!

    Mara Bergmann
    Mara BergmannActor
  • Kirk’s work is completely alive…so unpredictable, yet so under the control of an exceptional artist / story painter who has at his disposal a masterful set of brushes.

    Micah Hauptman
    Micah HauptmanActor
  • Kirk is caring and precise while residing along side a wonderful sense of humor. He has a “no bullshit” way of teaching where one can learn a great deal in even just a few days. I highly recommend working with him.

    Peter Gantzler
    Peter GantzlerActor
  • Kirk instilled a confidence in me to let things happen in a scene as opposed to trying to make them happen. I carry this lesson with me in all the work I do.

    Max Greenfield
    Max GreenfieldActor (American Horror Story, New Girl, etc.)
  • Kirk is one of the best acting coaches out there. He helps you connect with your character so that your performance is organic and truthful. Kirk is a true blessing to every actor’s craft!

    Joshua Leonard
    Joshua LeonardActor
  • There is no actor I know with more artistic integrity, love of the craft, and just plain know-how than Kirk Baltz.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Philip Seymour HoffmanActor
  • Kirk Baltz possesses a blend of talents that include bravado, sensitivity and measured reserve. He has the range and ability of an accomplished acting coach.

    Clayton Townsend
    Clayton TownsendProducer (Funny People, Year One, Knocked Up…)
  • I have worked with Kirk Baltz since 2009, and he has had a tremendous impact on my career as an actor. His never-ending support, direction, and overall consideration has enabled me to break out of my “protective” shell and allow me to connect with various roles expressing my vulnerability. Kirk has seen me start my career in Hollywood as a young actor and has been working with me up to my first major booking. I definitely recommend not only his acting classes and workshops but also his one-on-one sessions. He is a truly amazing coach.

    Rich Ting
    Rich TingActor
  • When I think of all Kirk Baltz continues to do as an actor while offering his workshops in the states and abroad I can’t help but wonder “how many artists has this man helped to change for the better?” Trust me when I say it’s a lot. They all now stand taller, go deeper and take the space they deserve while keeping it all insanely simple. Give yourself the gift of working with him, you’ll be glad you did.

    Stephen Adly Guirgis
    Stephen Adly GuirgisWriter/Actor/Producer